Recommendation 12R - Raasay

NHS Highland and other partners should continue to engage with the residents of Raasay in a meaningful way and to rapidly develop an agreed and sustainable service on the island that provides safe and resilient care 24/7. Independent external third party facilitation should be considered to help achieve this.

As part of the review of sea evacuation procedures in Recommendation 10, Raasay is a key priority. Discussions should take place with CalMac whether the Raasay-Sconser ferry can be deployed on demand for urgent/emergency care transfers. Irrespective of these discussions and possible agreements, the ongoing role of the crew of the RNLI Portree Lifeboat is respected and appreciated.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has a unit based at Raasay. Statutory first responder status should be pursued, in concert with the additional potential of a voluntary first responder scheme - see Recommendation 6.

The present availability of superfast broadband should be exploited for the support of the community. Raasay should be considered as a potential development site for digital innovation - see Recommendation 11.

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