Update on Recommendation 2 - Future community bed provision

The timescale for delivering alternative provision needs to be established as a priority. The one additional bed becoming available for end of life care is a welcome step, but further consideration is needed to ensure that Recommendation 2.a is delivered.

The following actions have been reported by Tracey Ligema from NHS Highland as taking place over the past two months :

  • Group being setup including representation from Independent care home provider, Highland Hospice (Board member retired Portree GP), Portree Medical Practice, NHS Highland Clinical Lead to develop options.

  • 4 July 2018 additional bed to be available in Portree Hospital specifically to support end of life care supported by district nurses and MDT. Standard Operating Procedure to support decision making process.

  • 10 July meeting with nursing home provider to explore options to support end of life care with initial positive response. Need to be considered by Directors of company concerned before any further negotiation e.g. fee rates etc.

  • Meeting arranged with another care home provider for 17 July.

  • NHSH Lead Nurse Alison Hudson and District Manager Kate Earnshaw setting up group looking specifically at end of life care in North Skye.

  • NHS Highland has very positive links with Highland Hospice and there have been initial discussions with their Chief Executive and with a member of a local charity Skye Cancer Care, Dr Charles Crichton.

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