Update on Recommendation 12R - Raasay

As a result of delays in fully implementing the HSCSW solution, the community has lost confidence in the process. Reviving this solution is a high priority. There are concerns about Emergency Evacuation procedures which should be looked at specifically for Raasay within the over Transport work stream. A clear resolution on the extent to which Calmac ferry services can be called out of timetabled hours is important for the overall design of services.

The following actions have been reported by Tracey Ligema from NHS Highland as taking place over the past two months :

  • Last year agreement with community to recruit to Health and Social Care Support Workers (HSCSW) who will be trained as first responders and provide on-call support for the Rural Practitioners based in Broadford.

  • Recruitment ongoing to the final (4th) post. Several rounds of recruitment have taken place. Candidate offered job but unable to accept as partner was unsuccessful in application for another post so cannot relocate to Skye.

  • First Responder Training to be organised.

  • On-Call support OOH from HSCSW will only activated through the Rural Practitioners and protocols are being developed around this.

  • Terms & Conditions supplement agreed by NHS Board and forward to the National Terms and conditions committee. If agreed it is hoped this will make recruitment more attractive.

  • Emergency evacuation procedure is in place and has been shared previously with the community.

  • Initial meeting between David Noble, Independent Facilitator

  • Email received 18 June 2018 from community listing their requirement for on island support during the OOH period.

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