Update on Recommendation 15 – Making it happen - pulling together

Progress is being made in developing community involvement through community membership of working groups and representation on the Steering Group. An implementation plan is in place, but timescales and targets for work groups need to be refined, and resources requirements identified. Project control and reporting arrangements still need to be finalised.

The following actions have been reported by Hugo Van Woerden from NHS Highland as taking place over the past two months:

  • David Noble has been identified by the community in Skye as their Independent Facilitator. This has been agreed by NHS representatives.

  • Glenelg & Arnisdale have selected an independent facilitator, Dr Miles Mack.

  • An initial meeting of Steering Group, held on 13 June 2018, was chaired by David Noble. The importance of a co-production approach was highlighted by NHS staff and community representatives.

  • Dr Antonia Reed has been identified as the Clinical Lead for the implementation of Sir Lewis Ritchie’s recommendations.

  • Work is ongoing to develop a governance structure, as indicated in the introduction.

  • Internal NHSH Project Team monthly meetings have been set up, chaired by Ross Mackenzie to monitor progress. First meeting 12 July 2018.

  • A weekly core coordinating meeting is also in place.

  • Links have been made to other redesign work in Skye, Lochalsh and south west Ross.

  • Work has been undertaken on a project website.

  • A draft Project Plan has been produced.

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