Recommendation 1 –  Portree Hospital Urgent and Emergency Care

Out-of-hours urgent care access at Portree Hospital should be provided 24/7 -- there should be no closure of Portree Hospital in the out-of-hours period  

Enhanced, and sustainable models of urgent care should continue to be developed and delivered in the Minor Injury Unit at Portree Hospital, involving combined teams and other agencies (see also Recommendations 3-6 below).

The Minor Injury Unit services at both Broadford and Portree Hospitals should continue to work synergistically together to add resilience and to provide optimal services, provided by multidisciplinary teams with for the whole of SLSWR.

It is essential that in the event of acute illness services are used properly – dial 999 in the event of an emergency (time-critical, immediate response required).  If urgent care is required contact NHS 24 through the 111 service (care that requires a response that cannot wait until the next routine service is available).  Only in this way will the safest and most effective care be delivered and received. This must be clearly understood by the public of SLSWR.

The excellent care provided by clinical and support staff at both sites must continue to be nurtured and supported

Possible confusion about the nature and level of urgent and emergency care services provided at Minor Injury Units and Community Hospitals is unlikely to be confined to SLSWR.  We offer a supplementary recommendation here for consideration by Scottish Government to review nomenclature, service definitions and signage of Minor Injury Units, throughout Scotland.

Note of work group meeting on 7  August 2018

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